Humless GO Power series

Say goodbye to those heavy, noisy and smelly gas off grid generators and say hello to the Humless GO solar powered portable generators. When coupled with our GO solar panels, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully portable power system with none of the downsides of gas. Turn camping into glamping, take your tailgating and adventures to new levels of comfort and have peace of mind when the power goes out.

GO Mini

What Can It Do?

GO Plus

What can it power?

Humless HOME Power series

You don’t truly Own Your Power or really go Off-the-Grid until you have a power storage setup. The HOME Power series is the best solar storage system on the market. Step aside Tesla Powerwall, you're not even in the same league!

HOME Power Standard

Can It Power My Home?

HOME plus

Can it power my home?

Humless has the perfect fuel less portable solar generator for your home.....





Tiny Homes

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Our Story

…In 2008, our family went camping in California’s redwood forests. Early one evening a nearby camper started up a diesel generator and let it run through the night. The peaceful forest was completely disrupted by the loud rumble and pollution of a traditional generator. We knew there had to be a better way to travel with power without the noise and environmental toxins. Our mission was {and still is} to create a clean, quiet, sustainable generator.

We started with the GO Mini portable solar generator and battery system. This solved the not-so-happy camper situation. However, after selling 40,000 of these units we began to get requests for even larger units. Remote mining camps needed to power equipment, churches wanted to power remote locations and governments needed larger units that could power homes and communities affected by natural disasters.  Each request was met with an even more powerful and advanced system to meet their needs.  

Ten years later, Humless units are creating true off-grid energy storage solutions in countries all over the world! And, ten years later, our first unit is still quietly creating clean energy.

Our fuelless electric generator systems are designed for ease of use. Plug in your solar panels to the Humelss system and its ready to start charging. Setting up your Humless home generator and battery system couldn’t be easier, and offers energy independence without the headache, hassle, or constant worry of other solar power systems.

True off-grid freedom, brought to you by the best silent generator for home use on planet. Our silent portable generator designs go through rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand years and years of use. We make sure that your power system is always ready and working when you need it most.


We were wasting so much energy with our old solar setup that we were never really “off the grid” like the manufacturer promised. Humless is the real deal. With their batteries and solar panels we all the power we need and we're finally truly off-grid.

Mitch Matthews

We spend a few months of the year traveling out of an RV, and Humless makes me look forward to those trips more than ever. We never run into any issues running out of power, and their GO battery takes up way less space than my old unit.

Vicki Smith

We’ve been wanting to install solar on our roof for years but we’ve seen so many neighbors ruin their houses with ugly panels. Luckily we found Humless. Their solar panels fit right in and we wouldn’t even notice them if we didn’t use them every day.

Kevin Casteel