Why Humless?

#1) Our Commitment To Clean Energy Storage

On demand energy is a necessity in todays world. We have the ability to create unlimited amounts of clean energy. The problem we face is how to properly store this energy when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. Humless has created a reliable solution for power storage with our use of advanced lithium batteries paired with our in-house designed circuit boards.

#2) USA Based

Our Humless office is located in Lindon, Utah. We pride ourselves on building power systems that are durable and designed to last. These days electricity is a necessity, this is why reliability is our top priority when designing our systems. We build each system with a metal shell that protects the inner components. Our designs go through rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand years and years of use. We make sure that your power system is always ready and working when you need it most.

#3) An Inspired History

…In 2008, our family went camping in California’s redwood forests. Early one evening a nearby camper started up a diesel generator and let it run through the night. The peaceful forest was completely disrupted by the loud rumble and pollution of a traditional generator. We knew there had to be a better way to travel with power without the noise and environmental toxins. Our mission was {and still is} to create a clean, quiet, sustainable generator.

#4) LithiumLiFe

Some energy storage products today are made with lead acid batteries. While they are very inexpensive to make, they have some significant drawbacks. The foundation of every Humless Power series product is Lithium LiFe. Lithium LiFe is our answer to outdated battery solutions like lead acid and lithium ion. Lithium LiFe is lithium iron phosopate, which many are calling the next generation of lithium batteries: 4x longer life cycle, ⅓ the mass & weight, safer, holds charge while neglected, no charge memory.

#5) Amazing Customer Support

When you purchase a Humless product you become part of the Humless family. We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy with incredible support that is available when you need it most. Have questions about how to use or install your Humless product? We're always here to help and we guarantee to provide the solutions you need.

#6) Always Innovating

At Humless we are completely committed to always innovating our products to ensure they are taking advantage of all the cutting-edge technology that becomes available. We did this when we first introduced LithiumLiFe and we'll do it again when the next generation of innovations emerge. Our team of engineers and researchers and completely committed to providing Reliable Power Solutions that will allow you to enjoy Off-Grid Freedom & Power-On-The-Go.