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Check out the comparison to our competition. The Go Mini is lighter, stronger, lasts 5x longer, charges 7x faster and is $300 less.

The Go Mini is our lightest and most portable power system weighing only 35 pounds with 0.64 kW (640 Watts) of energy storage. It’s built with an easy carry strap that’s fixed to the durable metal shell. This system is designed for light to medium energy users. Setup is as simple as plugging in your phone. It’s the perfect size for home, work and travel use.

BATTERY CAPACITY - 680 Wh (13V, 50 Ah)
POWER OUTPUTS - Anderson Connector, (4) USB, (2) 12V AC, (1) Cigarette Socket

WEIGHT - 35 Lbs.

RECHARGE BY - Wall (AC) or Solar (DC) 

MAX AC POWER OUT - 1500 Watts


CYCLE LIFE - 2,500 + Cycles (If completely drained and charged daily = 6.8 yrs.)



You CAN Take It With You...


The .64 kWh GO Mini is built to power up to 1500 watts at one time. What does that look like? Find the items you want to power on the Watts Guide Page. If you want to use more than one item at the same time, add up their running watt requirements together. If the toal is less than 1500 watts, the GO Mini will work for you. If you need something bigger, take a look at the GO Plus.



Running Watts
Starting Watts

(4) 800 li LED Bulbs



Smart Phone



Laptop Computer



LED Television



Refrigerator / Freezer



625 W Microwave






* A refrigerator needs 0 starting watts if it just needs to maintain it's operating temperature. It takes 1200 watts if it starts from room temperature and the compressor needs to come on to make it's temperature colder.

In the above example, your Humless Go Mini would power all of those items if the refrigerator was already at the optimum operating temperature and you just needed to maintain it. If it wasn't, you would want to get it there and then plug in your other devices. Once the fridge is cold enough and doesn't need the compressor you would only need 863 watts of peak output power and the Humless GO Mini would work for you.

How Long Will The GO Mini Run?

Calculating the energy consumption of an appliance or electronic device is fairly easy. Most devices have a label that lists how many watts it uses, either on the device or in the owner's manual.

How Long Can The Go Mini Power Each Item?

Too discover how long a fully-charged GO Mini will last with each item you want to power, simply multiply the unit's wattage by the number of hours you use it to find the number of watt-hours consumed each day and divide 640 by that number.

640 ÷(Watts x Hours of Use) = Time Appliance Can Run On A Charge

For Example: The GO Mini Will Charge...

Smart Phone - 21 Charges; Lap Top - 10 Charges; Two LED Bulbs - 53 Hours; Projector - 3.5 Hours; Large Portable Outdoor Speaker - 14 Hours; Medium Sized Refrigerator, Doors Stay Shut - 22 Hours; Medium Sized Refrigerator, Doors Open - 7 Hours; Box Fan - 3.5 Hours; Gas Clothes Dryer - 1 Hour; Toaster - 40 Pieces of Toast; Coffee Maker - 7 Pots of Coffee; Electric Guitar & Amp - 43 Hours; 53" LED TV - 4.5 Hours; Wi-Fi Router - 53 Hours; Electric Drill - 1 Hour; CPAP Machine - 13 Hours; LED Floodlight - 13 Hours


This guide is for reference only. Product watts will vary depending on make & model. Check individual product specifications for accurate watts usage.

The GO Mini stores 640 watt hours of usable electricity, and can be recharged using solar power (if you have it) in just 3.5 hours. If you don't have solar power, it can charge from the wall, a 12 volt battery or even a gas generator in just 2.5 hours.

Our closest competitor takes over 18 hours to charge from the wall and 12 hours to charge from solar panels. In the US we get on average 7 hours a day of solar power producing rays. That means with the other guys it would take you 2 days to recharge your unit!

The short answer is yes. The GO Mini is capable of pass through power. This means that when it is connected to either your solar panels, or the grid (or both at the same time), and it is still powering another device through the output, the power is passed directly to the device being powered first. Then, what ever power is not being used by that device will be stored to the battery to be used later. While this is happening your GO Mini Display will read PASS.

Lighter, Stronger, Lasts 5x Longer, Charges 7x Faster
and is $300 less.

Humless GO Mini 640
Goal Zero Yetti 1000 Lithium

Battery Chemistry

Lithium Ion Iron

Lithium Ion


34 lbs

40 lbs

MAX AC Power Output

1500 Watts

1500 Watts

Can Charge From Solar & Grid At Same Time

Time To Charge From Grid Power

2 Hours 30 Min

6 Hours

Time To Charge From Solar Panels

3 Hours 30 Min

12-24 Hours

# of Lifecycles



Life Expectancy If Fully Drained And Fully Charged Daily

6.8 Years

1.4 Years

Cost Per Cycle






How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Charge It?

When charging your Humless GO Mini, take note of the voltages of the solar panels and do not exceed 50 Volts. Individual solar panels, or panels chained in a series that exceeds 50 Volts will not work with your unit. It will just show that it is not charging. The 2 folding Humless GO Panels that come in the GO Mini Bundle are 130 Watt Panels and each of them are 17.9 Volts. When chained together and plugged into your Go Mini they are sending 35.8 Volts of DC current to charge your GO Mini.

What Kind Of Lithium Battery Is Used in the GO Mini?

The Humless GO Mini uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. A few advatages these lithium batteries have over other Lithium Ion batteries:

4 x Longer Life Cycle - The GO Mini’s state-of-the-art Lithium LiFe battery boasts over 2500 FULL cycles, or about 8-10 years of daily charging and discharging. Compare that to the Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries of our competitors with 300 and 700 cycles respectively, and it’s easy to see Humless blows them away with 4x the cycles and less money spent per cycle.

1/3 The Mass & Weight - Lead Acid batteries lead the terms of size and weight. Humless LiFe batteries are trimmed down to be 33% less bulky than the other guys. That translates to your battery taking up way less space in your RV, van, boat, camper or tiny house.

Safer - Lithium Ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries can both pose serious risks to you, your family and your property. The former can sometimes burst into flames—remember all those phone battery recalls? The latter can sometimes release poisonous gases. We built a battery free of both issues, keeping you and your family safe wherever life takes you.

No Charge Memory - When we talk about charge memory, we’re referring to the tendency of certain batteries to “remember” improper charging procedures, your battery will stop charging to its full capacity—forever. The GO Mini ALWAYS charges to its manufactured capacity, every time. With the Go Mini you can charge with confidence, never worry about loosing capacity due to improper charging ever again.

How Do I Know If GO Mini Will Power My Device?

First, you will need to know how much power your device needs to run. You can usually find this in the user manual or a physical sticker on the item. The GO Mini is boywered by a 1500 Watt inverter. So, if your device pulls more than 1500 Watts of power for more than a few seconds yor GO Mini will shut off to protect itself.

Second, be sure to check the surge rating as well. Most devices with any kind of motor will surge at a higher rate when the motor kicks on. Make sure that surge rating also isn't more than the 1500 Watts, or else the port you are using will shut off and you will have to restart your unit.

Lastly, you'll want to check the restrictions on each of the output ports in your user manual.

How Long Will It Tke To Charge My Device From The GO Mini?

It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from your GO Mini as it does from the wall. While charging your devices, watch the LCD Display. It will tell you how much time you have left while charging the devices you have plugged in at the time.

Will Cold or Hot Weather Affect My Battery Capacity?

Optimal storage temperature for your GO Mini is between 32-104 degrees farenheit. If you wil be living off-grid in sub zero tempertures or extreme heat and your GO Mini will be outside, we recommend keeping your unit in an insulated cooler, connected to it's power source. That will help keep the battery at it's highest capacity.

Does Humidity affect My Battery Capabilities?

Yes, the optimal moisture for storage is less than 90% humidity. Do not leave your GO mini out in the rain or operate in wet conditions. In order to avoid shor circuits or electric shock, DO NOT operate in an extremely humid or wet environment. 

Can I Charge My GO Mini with a Gas Genertor?

Yes, But I would run a short extension cord from the gas generator that is outside, to your Humless that is inside, or at least covered. You want to make sure to keep your GO Mini in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum functionality.

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